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Colon Cancer


We at Atlantic Surgical group have been dedicated to providing compassionate and advanced care to patients with colon cancer in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Our two colorectal fellowship trained surgeons are driven to provide the best and safest care for you.


Colon cancer is the third most common type of cancer in the United States in both men and women. Some colon cancers present with symptoms such as pain, constipation, weight loss and anemia. Some colon cancers have no symptoms and maybe found on routine colonoscopy. Once a diagnosis of a mass in the colon is found, it is important to be evaluated by a colorectal surgeon to assess what are the next steps in treatment.  Your colorectal surgeon may ask you to get additional blood work such as a tumor marker called CEA as well as additional testing, including  PET or CAT scan.


Most colon tumors can be treated with surgery to provide a cure. We have performed several thousand colon resections within our group over our extensive history. We have been at the lead of incorporating both open and minimally invasive techniques to remove colon cancer. We have also established an advanced robotic program with improved recovery following surgery. Our surgeon will determine if you can have surgery safely and what surgical approach is best.  Sometimes, prior to surgery, we will recommend chemotherapy in order to shrink a tumor to make surgery as safe as possible.  If that's the case we will work closely with a medical oncologist and help place a port (a small device underneath the skin that helps with chemotherapy delivery).  Also, radiation therapy may be a part of your treatment, and we will be able to coordinate this with highly trained radiation therapists in our area.    



Prior to surgery we discuss your case at a multi-disciplinary tumor board where radiologists, oncologists, pathologists, other surgeons and allied health professionals meet to discuss your care and if any clinical trials and/or additional treatments maybe needed. Following surgery you may need chemotherapy which we will discuss with your oncologist.


We are committed to safe and curative cancer care within Monmouth and Ocean counties. We have over 25 years of experience taking care of patients with colorectal cancer. We work closely with your local doctors, including your primary medical doctor, to keep everyone updated on how you are doing. We perform these surgeries at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Monmouth Medical Center and Ocean Medical Center.


We know this is a very anxious time and therefore we take you and your family’s wishes and concerns as top priority. We know that this is a long road and plan to be here every step of the way with you utilizing our dedicated staff, nursing team, as well as our physician assistant.

If you are newly diagnosed with a colon mass and would like an appointment please call our office at 732-531-5445.

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