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Benign skin and soft tissue lesions

We take care of many types of benign skin lesions.  The most common of these are skin cysts and lipomas.  These two disorders are completely different types of tissue.    Cysts are enlargement of a glandular structure originating in the skin, while a lipoma is an enlargement of a group of fat cells under the skin.    Although different, they both present in a very similar fashion....they both show up as a lump.  They can occur anywhere in the body. Some people are more prone to these than others, and there can be a hereditary pre-dispositon to both cysts and lipomas.   Small cysts and lipomas often can safely be observed. (The definition of "small" is really up to the patient!)  We recommend removal when these lesions are enlarging, painful, or are in an awkward or uncomfortable location.  Also, if we cannot be completely sure of the diagnosis, lesions should be biopsied or removed.  Your surgeon will be able to discuss with you whether your lump needs to be removed or can safely be observed. We will also discuss with you the details of the procedure for removal.  Some of these lumps can be removed simply with local anesthesia, and some may require some sedation along with the local anesthesia for your comfort.  All tissue that we remove is sent for biopsy.  

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